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Hear Why Our Patients Love Us!


If you'd like hear about us from our patients' point of view,

here are some words straight from them, verified by Rate-A-Biz.

"The best dentist and staff I've ever had.


The service from the the staff and their patience is outstanding. Dr. Yee is patient and makes you feel very relaxed."

     -Rich F.


"Best dentist on the planet, Dr. Yee and staff are efficient, thorough, dedicated, and comprehensive - they sing well too!"

     -Ken K.


"I would say Dr. Yee is beyond compare and they shouldn't go to anyone else!


I could write a book about all the wonderful things Dr. Yee has done for me since I began seeing her in 1990. It could never fit on the back of this page!"

     -Patricia P.


"The quality of care is excellent, the dental treatment is the best. Dr. Yee always takes a lot of time checking my teeth.


I have recommended many of my friends to Dr. Yee I always say Dr. Yee is the best Dentist."

     -Elaine V.


"Nancy and her staff are all really nice people and and I get really good dental care!"

     -Robert D.

"I wanted to let you know that I am both pleased and totally amazed by my experience today getting a crown from Dr Yee. I do not want to in any way minimize her skill and abilities ( which are considerable) but the technology she used was incredible so I am sharing that with a few of my CGI (computer Graphics Industry) buddies. I am happy to share that with you and you are free to use this as appropriate in your promotion materials. Frankly I don't know enough to comment on the dentistry aspects but from my 30 yrs experience in 3D computer graphics, 3D scanning and CNC machining I can comment of the technology integration and performance of the tools I saw in operation. Just had the most incredible experience at the dentist getting a new crown. Before you run away in horror this was the most sophisticated experience I have ever had with photographic scanning, 3D computer graphics and integrated cnc machining .Basically Dr Yee scanned the inside of my mouth with a handheld scanner that captured my mouth and teeth down to 1000s of a mm in resolution as well as in photographic detail, Dr Yee was able to then merge 2 scans to create a 3d model of the crown and edit all aspects including spline based smoothing of the edges and surface smoothing to adjust my bite and any potential friction or contact points with adjacent teeth . The contact points were displayed in contrasting colors so Dr Yee could easily identify contact areas and reduce them with a swipe across a touchscreen interface while freely being able to rotate and view my teeth from any position. Dr Yee did all of this in front of me but this gets better, when Dr Yee was happy with the model she was able to send it directly to a micro CNC mill in the next room and have the crown cut from a block of porcelain. This took all of 6 minutes which the progress was monitored from her workstation. I was able to leave with a perfect fitted ceramic crown in a couple of hours. Frankly I have never seen a more sophisticated , easy to use interface and tightly integrated solution in my 30yrs in ccgi. The only down side was the cost but from previous experience this was pretty standard for a crown." -Rick B.

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